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Show Me The Money: Insights for Supply Chain Players
Wednesday, May 15, 1pm EST
Don Lindsey provides valuable insights about how inventory transactions impact the general ledger. The more everyone involved in the supply chain understands about accounting, the easier end-of-month closing will be. But, inventory accounting can be a mystery for non-accounting staff. Supply chain players—from buyers and planners to warehouse and production personnel—will get a good working knowledge of accounting in QAD, which can lead to a reduction in variance issues and transaction inaccuracies.
QAD Variances—Why Accounting’s Upset
Wednesday, June 19, 1pm EST
Cost Accountants keep a close eye on production variances and red flags go up when variances become unreasonably high. Not only does this threaten profitability, but it can also be time-consuming for the accounting staff who have to dig deep to uncover the reasons. In this webinar, Don Lindsey will give accounting and non-accounting folks an overview of the different types of variances and how QAD processes data for variance reporting.
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