Replenishment Workbench Webinar

Product Replenishment Made Easy for Increased Productivity

Questions from the webinar

We are on EB2 version. Can we get a trial version of this tool?
How are line comments managed when creating new PO line items? And how about managing comments in existing PO lines?
Is it possible to email the generated new POs or modified POs directly to suppliers?
When you are speaking of PO’s, are you referring to 5.7 Discrete POs or Supplier Schedule?
Does this work for Item Site MRP?
Is the Replenishment Workbench available in QAD 2015 EE? Also, how does this work with GRS?
Can the print PO work with customized versions of the PO print designer document?
Every week we send list of action messages produced by QAD to suppliers to notify them about required changes. Can Replenishment Workbench help us to automate this process?
We use third party software to maintain purchase requisitions and purchase orders and then transfer them to QAD. So we do not update purchase orders directly in QAD. How does Replenishment Workbench works with this kind of third party software?
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