About Us

We believe that it is possible to transform any business process into a dynamic, profitable solution. We create brilliantly simple, incredibly reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain software solutions for QAD that will help you do just that.

We believe in building a quality team of professionals who are committed to making a positive impact on our clients and their processes. Each member of our hand-picked band of experts is chosen not only for their knowledge and expertise with QAD, but also for their instinctive sense of project ownership and the creativity they bring to their solutions.

We believe in developing software solutions that solve the specific real-world challenges of our clients. We test and fine-tune in an actual QAD environment, so you can be assured that our software is reliable and has a consistent performance record in a setting similar to your own. Our plug & play interface, web and output solutions for QAD can be used as is or expertly modified to work with any customization you’ve created in your QAD environment. And, as always, they can be test-driven before you commit.

We believe in the value of a long-term relationship with companies and the individuals in those companies. To that end, if we believe an alternate solution will better suit your needs, we will point you in the right direction. Always.

Our beliefs are manifested in everything we do – from our meticulous choice of team members, to the way we develop our products and services, to the way we value and treat our clients.

“As an IT Leader, I look at three areas when sourcing a new vendor: quality, capacity of delivery,and
honesty. I was impressed from the beginning with the honesty level at 32 Soft. As the project moved along,
we were impressed with the quality and capacity of the work. Every milestone was met with a great sense
of ownership.”

— IT Leader, Decision Support

Our amazing, high-value solutions are grounded in our 50+ years of collective knowledge and experi-
ence with the implementation and management of QAD ERP systems.

  • Fearless Founder of 32 Soft in 2001
  • Boundless Experience in IT Management, Technical Consulting, and Business Analysis
  • Master of ERP implementation since 1994
“We listen to our customers and develop smart productivity solutions that are the right fit for the need and offer the
best value for the money spent.”

Senior Project Manager/Sorcerer of Operations
  • Promoting Process Improvement Around the Globe
  • Daily Operational Wonder Woman
  • QAD Implementation and Service Automation Wizard
“I’ve spent my career focused on process improvement.
Being the Senior Project Manager at 32 Soft gives me the
opportunity to help QAD users improve their operations.”

Sensational Solutions Architect
  • Mighty Magnificent at QAD implementations, upgrades and customizations
  • Amazing user training
  • Brilliant business processes analysis and improvement
“As Solutions Architect at 32 Soft, I am able to put my
technical and business knowledge to use developing solutions
that help companies improve their data management productivity, and streamline and simplify their business processes.”

Stupendous Senior Applications Developer
  • Fantastic QAD Implementation
  • Superlative Software Engineering
  • System Integration Star
“My experience with ERP implementations, MFG/PRO and
system integration and interfacing are put to good use at
32 Soft where we’re focused on improving productivity in
the QAD environment.”
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