QAD Output Solution

Quick & Easy PDFs and Excel Spreadsheets from QAD Data Right Out of the Box!
No Programming Required!

Generate professional looking pdf documents right from QAD or convert QAD reports to Excel spreadsheets! Plus, automatically email the documents or send to printers as needed with the click of a button. This output solution for QAD will save you time, headaches and money!

•   Create professional invoices, orders, schedules, and more right from QAD
•   Convert QAD reports into Excel spreadsheets quickly and easily
•   Print long reports to Notepad — no need to FTP files from the QAD server
•   Install with ease and use with little training
•   Works with PuTTY, existing terminal emulator, QAD Windows GUI or .NET
•   Print silently from QAD directly to any windows print queue
•   Get multi-tab Excel reports. Click here to see a sample
•   Export to pivot tables or graphs or other data or format manipulations
    Samples here

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