Master Data
Accurate and current master data is the foundation for all QAD functions. However, updating hundreds or thousands of master records through the QAD interface is time-consuming, forcing many companies to trade off time for data accuracy and production efficiency.

Well, no more trade-offs. 32 Soft Master Data Loaders give you instant access to real-time QAD data and allow you to update hundreds or thousands of master records directly in QAD with a click of a button. Plus, they allow you to easily synchronize data between multiple domains or different QAD databases.

Location Maintenance

Update multiple Location records in Excel spreadsheets and safely upload to QAD. More

Item Master

Update Item Master data and synchronize them between domains or databases. Especially useful for QAD implementations. More

Item Site Planning
1.4.17 and 1.4.7

Specifically useful for production planners and material managers to keep production and inventory levels current. More

Item Copy

Set up new parts or make changes to existing part numbers in Excel and load to QAD with just one click. More

Item Site Inventory

This efficient and productive tool allows you to easily manage Item Site Inventory details. More

Customer Price List

Update customer prices in minutes! More

Supplier Price List

Update supplier price lists quickly and easily. More

Master Comments

Massively create, update and delete master comments, automate dataset maintenance and minimize labor and errors. More

Customer Item Maintenance

Update customer item data within seconds! More

Supplier Item Maintenance

Update pricing, quote dates and other attributes within seconds! More

Customer Maintenance

Great tool for managing customer master revisions, updates and additions. Especially useful for QAD implementations. More

Supplier Maintenance

Great tool for managing supplier master revisions, updates and additions. Especially useful for QAD implementations. More

Product Structure (BOM and Formula)
13.5 and 15.5

Set up new products, replace components and massively create new product structures in seconds. More

Routing Maintenance

Create and update routing operations in seconds. More

Access Security

Maintain SOX security requirements quickly and easily. More

Extension Workbench for QAD

Manage supplementary data usually housed outside of QAD from convenient Excel spreadsheets. More

Inventory Control
QAD is a powerful repository for all inventory details and transactions and the reports and inquiries it provides allow you to view inventory balances from different perspectives and update various inventory details. 32 Soft’s Inventory Control Data Loaders bring you to the next level by adding efficiency and visibility to these core processes.
Inventory Detail (Massive Status Change)

Manage inventory detail changes quickly and accurately. More

Inventory Transfer

Manage the transfer of inventory from location to location within a short period of time. More

Unplanned Issues

Adjust inventory balances and manage floor stock through unplanned issues. More

Unplanned Receipts

Adjust inventory balances and manage floor stock through unplanned receipts. More

Cycle Count

Significantly improve your Cycle Count Process and triple your productivity! More

Tag Count Entry

Easily upload a large volume of Tag Counts into QAD in record time — without IT help. More

We have dozens of DATA LOADER modules for every major QAD data management process:
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