Customer Price List Data Loader


Manage Customer Price Lists in QAD Quickly and Easily!

Managing customer price lists in QAD has always been time-consuming and tricky. It requires not only a good understanding of pricing principles and strategy, it also requires lots of manual keying of data. For that reason, many QAD users decide to store customer pricing details in separate spreadsheets rather than in the QAD system. Though this practice makes it easier to manage customer price list details, it significantly slows down order entry, validation and processing. The Customer Price List Data Loader makes managing customer price list details in QAD fast, safe, easy, and error-free!

•   Download real-time customer price list details into Excel for review and edit
•   Massively update data with full Excel functionality
•   Upload revised data to QAD with a click of a button – without IT involvement!
•   Validate your data accuracy with the click of a button
•   Correct flagged errors and safely and securely upload your data
•   Increase your productivity, reduce errors, and better your bottom line

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