Accurate & Productive Price List Management



Is your QAD system set up for automatic pricing in QAD? Do you use best pricing and list/discount pricing in QAD? If so, do you have a quick, efficient and reliable way to enter and update price lists in QAD?

If your answer to that last question is no, then this webinar is for you. Learn how you can efficiently maintain price lists in QAD with our Data Loaders for Customer ( and Supplier ( Price Lists, which allow you to quickly, accurately, securely—and with very little effort—maintain, review and analyze sales and purchasing price lists in QAD.

      •   Get real-time access to QAD data and price list details – in easy to use Excel spreadsheet
      •   Manage new prices or price lists, expire old ones, copy existing price lists in convenient Excel spreadsheets
      •   Upload your changes and additions directly and safely into your QAD system with a click of button—without IT involvement!
      •   Increase your productivity, reduce errors, and contribute significantly to your bottom line
      •   Get the flexibility you need to react quickly to market fluctuations

Questions from the webinar

Do 32 Soft Price List Data Loaders work for QAD20012EE? In QAD20012EE expiry dates are mandatory.
If a new price change is in decimals, do the Price List Loaders upload the new price to that level of decimals?
Is there any special set-up required for 32 Soft Price List Data Loaders?
I have a version of the Price List Data Loader that shows a price as 1:$4.90. I assume it means one unit at $4.90.
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