How Data Loaders Work

Data Loaders allow you to download existing QAD records, analyze them in Excel, make changes, deletions, and add new records – one at a time or massively. Then upload them safely back to your QAD system.

But what happens behind the scenes? What makes Data Loaders so safe to use with QAD? Let’s take a look at how Data Loaders interact with QAD and how they maintain your data integrity.

How Data Loaders Interact with QAD

Our software is completely safe to use with QAD because we use genuine QAD business logic to perform tasks. Find out how Data Loaders interact with QAD. How it Works

How Data Loaders Handle Customization

Data Loaders can be modified to address any custom fields, custom coding and custom validations that you have built into your QAD ERP system. How it Works

How Data Loaders Handle Security

Each of our Data Loaders has three built-in levels of security to ensure your QAD data integrity: QAD credentials, QAD groups (menu access), and QAD site/entity access. How it Works

How Data Loaders Work with Multiple Databases

Data Loaders can be used in a multiple database environment. How it Works

How Data Loaders Handle Locked Records

Data Loaders have a built in record lock prevention feature. How it Works

How Data Loaders Manage Massive Uploads

The exact number of records you can upload in a session will vary from installation to installation. Here are some tips and workarounds if you are trouble. Find out more

Data Loaders vs QAD Qxtend Excelerator

Qxtend Excelerator and Data Loaders both allow you to use Excel-based templates for faster and easier QAD data management. But, they are different in many ways. How do you decide which is best for your company? This guide will help.

How Data Loaders Take the Pain out of QAD Customization

If you have customized system maintenance programs in your QAD system — or if you are planning to—make sure you talk to us. Find out more

We have dozens of DATA LOADER modules for every major QAD data management process:
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