Take the Pain out of QAD Customization!

If you have customized system maintenance programs in your QAD system — or if you are planning t0—make sure you talk to us.

QAD ERP is a packaged software like any other ERP system, built to satisfy manufacturing needs across many industries. However, you may discover that one-size-fits-all ERP does not COMPLETELY satisfy the needs of your company.

Customizing QAD gives you the ultimate flexibility to add or change business rules to meet your unique requirements, but it also causes you immediate cost and maintenance headaches and can hold you back in the future.

First, you have to purchase the QAD source code. You’ll also need to devote the internal resources or outsource to make the changes, test it, and then roll it out, all of which drive up the cost.

And then, there’s the problem of how your customization coding impacts QAD upgrades. With every upgrade, you have to go through the same process and cost. So you put off upgrading until it is your only option, which can put you at an operating disadvantage.

Here’s why you want to talk to us: We can provide the modifications you need with our Data Loaders, completely eliminating the need for you to change the source code in QAD.

Plus, we take care of upgrading Data Loaders to be compatible with each QAD version when you have an affordable maintenance contract with us, so you never have the problems associated with QAD upgrades and customization!

When you use Data Loaders with the custom complex logic you need, not only do you get a streamlined and better data management process, but you eliminate the need and cost to buy and modify the QAD source code. Data Loaders are reasonably priced and don’t hold you back from moving to a new version of QAD. So, it is clearly a more favorable approach to choose.

To see how Data Loaders can make your process as smooth as possible, let’s look at some examples, like our Multi Sales Order Data Loader.

When you upload a batch of sales orders received from a customer or an e-commerce platform, our Multi SO Data Loader gives you the ability to generate the corresponding work order(s) you need for each SO line—without having to go into QAD to create them. Each work order will reference a corresponding SO line and vice versa. This allows you to provide SO visibility during order completion on the shop floor and provide WO status visibility to your customer service staff.

Another good example is our InterCompany Transactions Workbench (Enterprise Material Transfer—EMT). Since these transfers can be very tricky, QAD user companies often have to do many customizations to streamline the process and avoid double entry and costly errors.

With the InterCompany Transactions Workbench Data Loader, not only can you see the status of all lines of an order across multiple entities, but you can also perform actions like creating new orders, editing qty, dates, or shipping transactions—even if the order is scattered across different domains or different QAD database versions.

Data Loaders make it easy to sync datasets across domains or QAD databases of different versions and eliminate the need to develop/maintain custom solutions. You can simply download datasets from one database and upload the same set to the other one with a click of a button.

So, the next time you find yourself thinking you need to customize QAD to provide the information your company needs to stay lean and mean, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.