PO Workbench Data Loader


Pick Up the Pace of Your PO Process

Buyers know that quick and accurate processing of purchase orders is vital to smooth operations and happy customers. Discover a brilliantly simple tool that will have a positive effect on your entire supply chain and your customer satisfaction, increase your purchasing efficiency, save thousands of labor hours.

With PO Workbench, you can use Excel to manage QAD material purchases and forecasts quickly and accurately – and even have access to QAD reports and drill-down inquiries. PLUS, all of your work is quickly, easily and accurately uploaded back to QAD – without the need of IT staff!

•   Massive PO Create in Excel, use QAD info as a source (ROP or Demand Reports) or external data file or system
•   Massive PO Update or Cancel in Excel
•   Manage massive amounts of QAD MRP messages all at once in Excel
•   Automate POs, change notices, cancellations, and supplier schedules
•   Drill down to see supplier, order, and PO details
•   Email documents directly to your suppliers – automatically!
•   Allows buyers to stay agile
•   Quick implementation – no learning curve

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