Keep on Top of Changing Safety Stock Needs



Maintaining accurate safety stock levels is critical for both cash and production flow, but it’s not always easy to keep pace with your changing market conditions. In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn how you can proactively manage safety stock levels in QAD to achieve the results you need: maintaining a healthy inventory flow and expertly responding to the dynamic needs of your business.

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Questions from the webinar

What formula is used to calculate Safety Stock in this Data Loader?
Can the formula vary based on inventory type or other business requirement?
Are we able to configure ourselves or with a consultant?
Is this included in the “standard 32 soft package” or is this an add on?
Is this used instead of Qxtend because it does calculations?
Does this work with QAD SE and EE versions?
Have you considered adding uploadable Order Quantity, Minimum Quantity, Maximum Quantity as part of the standard report in the near future?
Can the Usage Data factor in consumption based on bill of material vs. actual part used? For example, if we normally make a part using widget A, but we ran out and had to substitute widget B, we would still want to capture the demand for widget A, despite us substituting an alternate material.
Do you have a safety time calculation?


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