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An Easier Way to Conquer Your Safety Stock Challenges

Today’s erratic demand patterns can make maintaining suitable inventory levels a challenge. Carrying too much inventory ties up cash. Not having enough inventory gives you costly stock-outs. In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn about: the role of safety stock in your company the challenges of maintaining the right safety stock level the effects of underestimated […]

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Achieving Successful On-Time Delivery

  We’ve talked to QAD users who are struggling with on-time delivery, especially in these times. If you had less than stellar scheduling practices before the pandemic and resulting supply chain shortages, chances are your situation has only worsened. But even companies with outstanding production scheduling and inventory control are scrambling to keep up with […]

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Taming the Safety Stock Beast

Calculating Safety Stock Level in QAD—with NEW auto-calculate functionality   One of the most important parts of operations in any company is determining appropriate inventory levels. If you have too much inventory, you’ll tie up your working capital and wreak havoc on your cash flow. If your inventory is too low, you’ll have shortfalls in […]

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Safety Stock Calculation

Safety stock is your guard against uncertainty. When safety stock levels aren’t optimal, you could be tying up cash flow or threaten your ability to adequately serve your customers. Determining the most efficient inventory levels is one of the most important components of your company’s operations. Safety stock describes a level of extra inventory to mitigate […]

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