Web Backlog

Stand-Alone or for use with any ERP


Get Real-Time Fulfillment Data for Every Person in Every Department

You’ve been there. Taking notes in a production meeting on the status of orders—especially urgent ones—only to find details have changed by the time you get back to your desk. Or that it takes so long to get follow up questions answered from the meeting and you spend needless time chasing them down.

Web Backlog from 32 Soft is the perfect solution. Accessible to everyone in your organization who needs it, this online tool can be used during the meeting to take notes on critical production details and later to follow up on questions or alert others to changes to order status. This helps everyone track and prioritize orders and communicate important information across the company.

And, it communicates seamlessly with your ERP system, so changes to ERP and to the Web Backlog systems are basically real-time. Web Backlog can also be used as a stand-alone system.

•   Make order details visible to everyone in your organization who needs them
•   Eliminate manual reporting and outdated report information
•   Get accurate, real-time information to make the right decisions
•   Create production analysis reports and trend charts
•   Access the information with mobile devices, too!

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