Additional Solutions

Requisition Plus
Transform your QAD GRS process and workflow with 32 Soft’s Requisition Plus – a newly-updated version of our Online Requisition System for QAD ERP. Requisition Plus is an independent stand-alone system so even non-QAD users can approve and route purchase requests. It has a feature that allows buyers to create purchase orders right from their smartphone! And, it uses a CIM interface to integrate with QAD to ensure data integrity. So, nothing falls through the cracks.

Requisition Plus is flexible and customizable to fit your purchasing process. And it is easy-to-implement and easy-to-use, so IT can install quickly and your team can start using it without a long learning curve.

Auto Load
Is your company one of the many who needs to load data from another system into QAD? It isn’t always easy or affordable to do automatically—but it is time-consuming if you don’t make it an automatic process. At 32 Soft, we have a solution that will allow you to automatically load error-free data from another system directly into your QAD system.

Web Connect
This new web solution integrates your QAD ERP system with other web systems in real time!

QAD Integration with FedEx/UPS
If your company ships large volumes of packages, you likely use the FedEx or UPS online systems to arrange shipments, determine pricing, track packages, and print labels. You probably use a dedicated stand-alone computer to access the systems – not the most efficient scenario. This web service fully integrates the FedEx and UPS shipping systems with your QAD system, giving you complete control of the FedEx and UPS systems directly in QAD!

Generate professional looking pdf documents right from QAD or convert QAD reports to Excel spreadsheets! Plus, automatically email the documents or send to printers as needed with the click of a button. This output solution for QAD will save you time, headaches and money!

Convert your ERP reports into PDF or Excel documents and email them to your customers, partners and staff. LBox will generate and distribute price lists updates, statements, collection letters, debit/credit memos, order acknowledgments, invoices, purchase orders, and more directly from ERP. Plus, LBox gives you the ability to brand your invoices, purchase orders and other documents with your logo as well as customize your outgoing emails with payment, past due, or marketing messages.

Web Backlog
Web Backlog, accessible to everyone in your organization who needs it, allows you to keep everyone up-to-date on critical production details, follow up on questions, or alert others to changes to order status. This helps everyone track and prioritize orders and communicate important information across the company. And, it communicates seamlessly with your ERP system, so changes to ERP and to the Web Backlog systems are real-time.