32 Soft Web Connect

This new web solution integrates your QAD ERP system with other web systems in real time!


If you are using a third-party external system to manage some of your processes, you need quick, efficient, and secure data flow between QAD and the external system. 32 Soft has a new web solution, Web Connect, that helps you do just that.

Web Connect allows you to connect QAD to any third-party system that has a web services interface. Web Connect helps you to establish a connection with their servers and securely send or receive data directly from and to your QAD database.

Use Web Connect to interface with web applications like…

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Salesforce
  • CRM
  • QMS
  • And, more

Web Connect’s seamless integration between almost any third-party external systems and QAD ERP can be configured to communicate in real-time or on-demand, based on your preference. Either way, it keeps your systems up-to-date and in sync!

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