InterCompany Transactions Workbench

Enterprise Material Transfer (EMT)
Automate Order Processing, Improve Control, Eliminate Double Entry!

If your company receives orders at one central place but has production and/or distribution facilities elsewhere, InterCompany Transactions Workbench will make processing much more efficient and reliable for you. This robust tool eliminates the need for a QAD EDI e-commerce module and license. You won’t need a separate engine to transfer data between QAD servers, nor will you need IT’s involvement for error troubleshooting!

InterCompany Transactions Workbench combines back-end process automation with an easy-to-use dashboard-like interface to process transshipment or direct shipment transactions. Easily transmit purchase orders to secondary manufacturing or supplying business units without setting up an EDI. Plus, you can track order shipments and monitor in-transit quantities, process purchase orders receipts and customer order shipments, and more. EMT Workbench you can . . .

•   Create EMT sales orders in the primary business unit (PBU) database/domain,
    export them to the secondary business unit (SBU), and receive shipment
    information from the SBU — all in easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets with
    just the click of a button
•   Eliminate the need for QAD’s EDI E-commerce module
•   Convert sales orders into purchase orders; shipments into PO receipts; and
    changes to sales orders into changes to POs
•   Eliminate the need for a separate engine to transfer data between QAD servers
•   Validate data accuracy — all of our Data Loaders validate accuracy during the
    upload and terminate if your data contains errors
•   Correct errors which are conveniently flagged with reason for error and
    upload again
•   Provide real-time status of EMT orders
•   Enjoy a simple interface that is completely SOX compliant
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