QAD Integration with FedEx/UPS


Get complete control of your FedEx and UPS shipping without leaving your QAD system


If your company ships large volumes of packages, you likely use the FedEx or UPS online systems to arrange
shipments, determine pricing, track packages, and print labels. You probably use a dedicated stand-alone
computer to access the systems – not the most efficient scenario, but worth the functionality. Once
packages have been shipped, you enter the data from the shipper’s online systems into your QAD system –
unfortunate double entry that can result in errors and missing information that impacts pricing decisions.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the functionality of the FedEx and UPS systems without leaving QAD?
Wouldn’t it be more productive to save that information directly in QAD without having to re-enter it?
Wouldn’t it be more accurate to analyze costs using actual shipping and service cost information?

You can with QAD Integration with FedEx and UPS from 32 Soft. This web service back-to-back interface
fully integrates the FedEx and UPS shipping systems with your QAD system, giving you complete control of
the FedEx and UPS systems directly in QAD!

•   Reduce shipping processing time
•   Get better control and visibility of the shipping charges
•   Analyze your shipping costs efficiently and easily
•   Improve billing scenarios
•   Determine the best shipping method
•   Validate shipping addresses
•   Eliminate double entries and shipment-without-billing scenarios
•   Capture and store tracking numbers and shipping charges in QAD
•   Print UPS and FedEx shipping labels automatically


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