Requisition Plus


  Our New Requisition Portal Speeds Up Your Purchasing Process
  for QAD Users and Non-Users Alike

Transform your QAD GRS process and workflow with 32 Soft’s Requisition Plus – a newly-updated version of our Online Requisition System for QAD ERP with new graphics and features.

Requisition Plus is an independent stand-alone system so even non-QAD users can approve and route purchase requests. It has a feature that allows buyers to create purchase orders right from their smartphone! And, it uses a CIM interface to integrate with QAD to ensure data integrity. So, nothing falls through the cracks.

Requisition Plus is flexible and customizable to fit your purchasing process. And it is easy-to-implement and easy-to-use, so IT can install quickly and your team can start using it without a long learning curve.

With Requisition Plus, QAD Users and Non-Users can…

•   Get easy access to purchasing information from anywhere, on any device
•   Create requisitions electronically – even attach supporting documentation
•   Track and reconcile pre-approved purchases easily with attached quotes,
    requisitions and receipts
•   View requisition and check approval status
•   Get real-time status updates for approved and unapproved requisitions
•   Route documents automatically for approval via email
•   View all supporting documentation including approval comments
•   Mass (batch) requisition approvals for senior leaders
•   Convert requisitions to purchase orders automatically
•   Match quotes, purchase orders and invoices to speed up the payment cycle
•   Be assured of the security of their data and access criteria

  Are you ready to transform your purchasing process?
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