Pick Up the Pace of Your PO Process


Pick Up the Pace of Your PO Process
In this fast-paced world, buyers know that quick and accurate processing of purchase orders is vital to smooth operations and happy customers. But, it is not just about saving time and gaining efficiency — it’s about buyers being empowered to respond to market changes. It is about making your entire supply chain nimble and lean. Isn’t it time to take your purchasing process to a whole new level?

In this interactive webinar, you’ll find out how you can save hours of labor and increase your purchasing efficiency. But more than that, you’ll discover a brilliantly simple tool that will have a positive effect on your entire supply chain and your customer satisfaction.

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Questions from the webinar

Is the PO Workbench a tool offered by 32 Soft or is it supplied by QAD?
Looks like you use Excel….is that part of Workbench?
Is the integration with QAD real-time or is it batch and load?
How does the Data Loader distinguish between multiple POs during generation?
Can you import data from a supplier?
Do you offer Punchouts from suppliers?
Is this for discrete POs only or can it also be used with supplier schedules?
How does the Data Loader handle the ‘green’ fields if the description is blank during the upload to QAD?
Is this an upgrade to the 5.7_ subcontract soft loader?
Can this be used for regular consumable orders that are not tied to inventoried items?
Does this use CIM load or Qxtend?
Does this work on QAD EE or only on QAD SE?
Does this work if you are using QAD GRS or QAD EAM for purchasing?
Can you describe the integration with email and where you set up the email recipients, including if you want to send an updated PO to each supplier contact?
Can it get information from GRS?
Do you offer Supplier Catalogue Management?
Is Workbench offered in the cloud or is this just an on premise solution?
Does this replace GRS?


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