Sales Forecast

22.1 Summary Forecast and 22.7.7 Simulated Forecast

Easy Sales Forecasting in QAD for Optimal Operational Efficiency

Do you build your operational budget based on the sales forecast? Do you maintain your sales forecast in QAD for long term planning of materials and manufacturing resources? Do you have a quick and efficient way to compare actual sales with forecast and make timely adjustments?

•   Enter and update forecasted sales quickly, accurately, and securely
•   Project material and manufacturing requirements based on sales forecasts
•   Use QAD forecasts for your operational budget and customer forecasts
•   Use historical forecasts for new forecasting or Production Smoothing
•   Give your sales force control of forecast entry and maintenance

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3 Available Versions!

•   Summary Sales Forecast 22.1 monthly
•   Summary Sales Forecast 22.1 weekly
•   Simulated Sales Forecast 22.7.7

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