Using Simulation Forecasts in QAD



Learn more about the advanced forecasting option in QAD with Don Lindsey. In this webinar, Don takes you on an exploration of how to use built-in regression models and production smoothing to create simulation forecasts that will more accurately help your enterprise calculate demand. By the end of this session, you’ll understand:

•   The different types of forecasting algorithms
• ​  The importance of measuring forecast error
•   Using QAD to create simulation forecasts
•   How to calculate for exponential smoothing,
  regression ​analysis, and decomposition
•   And, more!

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Questions from the webinar

Is there any advantage in doing a forecast simulation but not loading it back into the system as a forecast?
Can the forecast be linked to family hierarchy 33.3.1 – Family Hierarchy Maintenance under Operations Plan 33?
Are there QAD tools for analyzing the accuracy of past forecasts?
Does actual new demand override any forecast values?
Is it possible to generate an upper level only forecast—forecast for a product line rather than for the individual items—in the simulation?
Does it require your part numbers to remain the same over time?
Is there a place to see the effect of the forecast vs. the curent actual demand?
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