The Extraordinary Value of MRP



Do you use MRP in QAD? If so, are you using it to its full potential? If not, you may be putting not only your cash flow at risk but also your relationship with your customers.

MRP specialist Don Lindsey introduces the benefits of MRP and its role in QAD. Don will demonstrate the extraordinary value of MRP compared to alternate inventory systems and address the obstacles that maybe be keeping your company from adopting MRP.

You’ll learn about:
      •   The benefits MRP can bring to your enterprise
      •   Independent and Dependent demand characteristics and management
      •   Forecasting methods and principles
      •   Safety stock and lot sizing
      •   And, more!

Questions from the webinar

Very high level, great information. If we have questions about some of the information presented, who should we contact?
Have you ever seen MRP still drive component demand against a closed Parent Work Order. I found a few of these and I have an open ticket with QAD to help find and resolve this issue.
Traditionally we have run MRP on a nightly basis, but I’m wondering if there is any harm in running it every hour, other than system load.
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