MRP: Best Practices for Best Results



If you use QAD MRP, here’s help so you get the most out of it and use it to its full potential! MRP expert Don Lindsey explains:

      •   MRP’s role in QAD
      •   Ways to calculate time-phased material requirements
      •   Where important data elements are within the QAD menu structure
      •   Optimization of MRP data planning elements
      •   And, more!

Don shares ways to simplify your process, tricks of the trade, and secrets to superb material requirements planning that will enable you to ensure timely customer delivery, a smooth-running production operation, and healthy cash flow.

Questions from the webinar

What does the “Discrete Lot for Lot” order policy do?
Is there a way to use the FOQ (Fixed Order Quantity) but have it not drive for more than the overall total requirements?
How far out should you firm up work orders?
What problems does it cause to change the release date of a work order after it has been released?
If a work order needs to be rescheduled, and it is already released, does rescheduling change the release date (meaning the parts are coming in now but work isn’t needed until later)?
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