Forecasting—What Does the Future Hold?



You likely already do, or need to, forecast at least some of your demand. But are you using the most effective technique for your enterprise, your market and your product mix? Do you accurately enough forecast demand so you can respond to customers without tying up needed cash with extra inventory?

Watch this webinar with Don Lindsey if you need to better understand the art of forecasting and how it is used in QAD. You’ll learn …

      •   basic principles and techniques of forecasting
      •   factors that influence demand and basic demand patterns
      •   principles of data collection
      •   impact of seasonality on forecasting
      •   sources and types of forecast error
      •   tips and tools about how to use QAD to help you with the forecasting process


Using Simulation Forecasts in QAD
MRP: Best Practices for Best Results
The Extraordinary Value of MRP

Questions from the webinar

You mentioned testing the forecast. Can you elaborate a little on that?
Do you find the native QAD tools adequate, other than the data entry?
Are changes in the forecast retained anywhere?
Is there a report that shows sales vs. forecast over a period of time?


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