How Data Loaders Handle Customization

Data Loaders can be modified to address any custom fields, custom coding and custom validations that you have built into your QAD ERP system. The trial software you are working with now is, of course, based on the standard QAD ERP system. We will work with you to understand and address any modifications you have made to your QAD ERP system based on the unique needs of your business to deliver a final product that works for you.

The process used to customize fields, code and validations will change from case to case. Typically, we find that the best practice is to implement your back end custom coding and/or validation logic and adjust the Data Loader process program code and Excel templates to present the changes.

We will modify the Excel templates as well as the Data Loaders progress program code so that when QAD is called to download data, all appropriate fields, including customized ones, are populated in the Excel template.

When data is uploaded from Excel back to QAD, Data Loaders scans the Excel data and validates it using genuine QAD logic and your customized validation logic.

This ensures that your QAD menus are mirrored in the Excel files for the user and any logic you employ for your particular business data maintains integrity.

We can discuss costs for customizations with you at the appropriate time. Generally, if customization is not complex there is not an additional charge. More complicated customizations will incur additional charges, which will be presented to you prior to implementation.

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