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Capital Safety Canada Streamlines Their
Purchasing Process, Cutting Man Hours by 63%!

“Our team was spending 6-8 hours every day managing purchasing tasks. The same work now takes 2-3 hours per day—that’s a difference of as much as 1300 hours per year!”
— Steve Tighe-Parker, Materials and Supply Chain Manager
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Managing Unvouchered Invoices: Vention Medical
Increases Their Performance by as Much as 69%!

“Adopting AP Voucher and other Data Loaders were key process improvements that came out of our Kaizen review. Our Finance Department staff are big fans.”
— Anant Gohil, Business Applications Manager
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Managing QAD Master Data Was Suddenly
Made Super Easy for Vanguard Pai Lung

“We used to hire outside consultants to perform CIM loads for massive updates. We no longer need to do that – we can upload the data with the click of a button — with no errors.”
— Tiffany Kuenzli
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Sharp Packaging Solutions Saves More than 600 Man
Hours per Year – and their Finance Department’s Sanity

“When 32 Soft came along, it was a great fix! The Finance Department uses it for all their general ledger entries now. It is a dream solution.”
— Gwen Flounders, IT Support Specialist
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Art’s Way Manufacturing Finds That Data Loaders
Save the Day in Ways Not Imagined

“We just don’t fear necessary business decisions that involve massive changes to our QAD data. Thanks to Data Loaders, we know we can handle those changes with ease and speed.”
— Gene Tonne, Director of Materials
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Carlex Glass Saves Up To 6 Hours a Day and Transforms Their Shipping Process
“It has changed a time-consuming and laborious process that took 4-6 hours a day into a quick and easy process that takes about 15 minutes a day.”

— Brian Kelliher, Chief Information Officer
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Capital Safety’s Master Schedulers Keep Up with
Double-Digit Sales Growth Like Champs!

“We’ve had double digit sales increases year after year. We now manage ten more production cells — and do so with the same 8 Master Schedulers. And, we all enjoy a great worklife balance now.”
— Moggie Brady, Supply Chain & Materials Process Leader
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