Jamieson automates their invoice process and saves 30-45 minutes per day!

Jamieson Wellness is Canada’s oldest and most-trusted natural health product company. It is headquartered in Toronto and has four state-of-the-art manufacturing, packaging, and warehouse facilities – three located in Ontario, Canada, and one in California, USA.

They had customers who required electronic invoices. To accommodate this, Jamieson printed the invoices, scanned the paper invoices to convert them to pdf, and sent the pdfs to the customers via email. Quite a laborious process!

They also needed more flexibility in their invoicing process because of their remote work-from-home arrangement and the multiple facilities. In addition, they wanted to reduce human error and provide rules-based completeness to their current process. They also knew there would be a cash flow benefit by improving their process since they would deliver invoices more promptly.

“I started researching different technological solutions,” said Dragana Sekulovic, Senior Programmer Analyst at Jamieson, “and came across 32 Soft’s Auto-Invoice solution implemented through LBox. Everything we looked for, LBox offered. It is designed to transition QAD users to a paperless environment and allows automated document generation, distribution, and delivery. We could generate invoices from remote offices and email them to customers.”

An additional cost saving that Jamieson realized was that they no longer needed to pre-print different forms to generate their invoices. They used three pre-printed forms with unique logos/mastheads when printing their invoices. With Auto-Invoice, they could use digital forms and a custom program that applied the correct form to the proper invoice when each invoice was generated.

Another benefit that Auto-Invoice saw was that invoice generation, distribution, and delivery could happen on a schedule that didn’t involve initiation by AR staff. “This is not just a time saver for our team,” explained Dragana, “it is that they no longer need to interrupt other work to run invoices or remember to initiate the process because it is an automatically scheduled, seamless process. Our AR staff did a great job learning the new system and adapting to the changes, and the Finance team is thrilled with the end result.”

Today, they are celebrating their success! Auto-Invoice gives them…

  • Fast & efficient invoice submission
  • Direct paperless email in PDF format to multiple specified recipients
  • Improved cash flow
  • Traceability
  • Scheduled invoicing
  • Time-Savings for AR staff of 30-45 minutes per day
  • Combined multiple invoices as one PDF attachment
  • Automation of Jamieson invoice templates
  • Specified subject line criteria based on customer requirements


“It was a very positive experience for all of us on the Jamieson team. Everything that 32 Soft promised was implemented. I liked that 32 Soft heard our needs and provided the solution or answer to any problem or improvement we needed in the process.”