Customer Work Center for QAD


Give Your Customers and Sales Force the Tool They Need
to Place Orders Quickly & Securely

32 Soft’s Customer Work Center is a secure, easy-to-use, online portal for sales reps,
customers, distributors, order takers and other users who don’t have direct access to
your QAD system. It gives them 24/7 real-time access to QAD data such as quotes, product
availability, order status, lead time, and purchasing history. And, gives them the
ability to enter orders and submit them to QAD in real-time.

CWC requires minimal site maintenance, no IT supervision and does not require additional
QAD licenses or software purchases. Data access is based on security levels, so you completely
control who sees what data.

•   Easy-to-use order entry and quote request screens
•   Secure 24/7 access to QAD data such as quotes, order tracking,
purchase history, and product availability for non-QAD users
•   Reliable access from mobile devices Android/iPhone/iPad
•   Flexible and customizable to fit your business processes and branding
•   Convenient online user registration and approval
•   Error-proofed so users can’t create invalid orders, quotes or RMAs

Give your customers and your sales force the tool they need to place orders quickly and easily.
Give us a call at 1-877-348-5432 to find out more about Customer Work Center for QAD.

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