Product Structure Data Loader

13.5 and 15.5
Create Product Structures and Update BOM Components in Seconds!

Product Structure (BOM) / Formula Maintenance 13.5 and 15.5 will completely change your QAD data maintenance process. You can significantly boost your productivity by massively managing your product structures and replacing the need to manually update one record at a time in QAD’s 13.5 Product Structure Maintenance and 15.5 Product Formula Maintenance.

•   Create new and modify existing QAD product structures quickly and easily
•   Replace obsolete components across the board quickly and easily
•   Get real-time access to QAD product structure details in Excel spreadsheets
•   Synchronize between domains, databases, and different versions of QAD
•   Make mergers or acquisitions a breeze
•   Safely upload your changes to QAD—without IT involvement!
•   Validate data accuracy during the upload and terminate if errors
•   Correct conveniently flagged errors and upload again
•   Increase your productivity, reduce errors, and better your bottom line

NEW Multi-Level version
View, Analyze and Manage BOMs on all levels and subassemblies! Cost columns can be added upon request.


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“The Product Structure Data Loader gives us a much quicker response time. The ease of copying was a major plus and component replacement was super easy.”
— Tiffany Kuenzli, Vanguard Pai Lung
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