Quickly Create Product Estimates from QAD Data



Do proposed product structure changes create a bottleneck in your bidding process?
Do you need an easy way to elevate your bidding process and provide options for BOM pricing? Is price development slowing down your new product launches?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want to watch this helpful webinar where we are joined by the team from Walbro.

In this 20-minute interactive presentation, we show you how you can perform cost simulations using real-time data from QAD – plus, add components and costs that don’t currently exist in QAD. All without changing any BOM or product structures in QAD.

Judy Gardner and Marco Estrella from Walbro share how they met the bottleneck challenges they had in creating cost scenarios with this perfect solution.

Questions from the webinar

Let’s say we’ve completed a new BOM simulation on the spreadsheet. Can we upload to QAD as a new product?
Say I had done some change to the Routing but had not done my Routing Cost Roll-up. Which cost is getting downloaded? Will it show the cost from the Item Master or will it show the rolled up cost?
How can I get the cost of this tool?
When loading data into QAD, do you run it through QAD’s business logic, or do you load directly into the database?
Do you maybe have a similar tool to simulate routing costs?
Does your simulation break out variable costs and fixed costs or is the only thing there total cost?
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