GL Transaction Manager

25.13.1 and 25.13.3


Import Journal Entries from MS Excel to QAD in Seconds!

GL Transaction Manager for 25.13.1 and 25.13.3 allows you manage your general ledger in convenient Excel spreadsheets — making additions, changes and deletions — and upload your data to QAD with the click of a button.

•   Get real time access to QAD journal entries – downloaded into easy-to-use Excel
spreadsheets for your review and edits
•   Eliminate manual entries in QAD — just copy-paste recurring entries, make date
changes and submit to QAD.
•   Balance and analyze transactions in Excel using all of Excel’s functionality
•   Upload to QAD with peace of mind — the upload will terminate terminate if your
data contains errors or your transactions aren’t balanced
•   Correct conveniently flagged errors and upload again
•   Increase your productivity, reduce errors, and contribute significantly
to your bottom line

Get the tool you need to quickly and accurately maintain you General Ledger.
Order GL Transaction Manager Data Loader today and enjoy immediate results.

I can’t tell you how much easier 32 Soft’s GL Transaction Data Loader has made managing journal entries. I would spend hours and hours keying in journal entries each month. 32 Soft has eliminated this whole data entry process!

— Leela Chadbourne, Assistant Controller, Oxbo International Corporation

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