32 Soft Presents at the #MWUG Spring 2019

If you didn’t get the opportunity to attend the Spring MWUG user group conference, you can watch our presentations from the conference here.

Shop Floor Control: Where is That Work Order?
Don Lindsey covers several aspects of Work Orders and Shop Floor Control from WO creation to release, from component issue and Back Flush to Labor application and Work Order Analysis. He briefly covers Repetitive Setup and Processing, as well as highlights of Kanban processing. Since in the future Operations within QAD WIP will be the Production Orders, the presentation will give an introduction of this functionality which combines Work Orders, Flow Scheduling, Repetitive, Advanced Repetitive, Kanban, Production Schedules and Master Scheduling. Watch Don’s presentation


From Chaos to Control: How Two Companies Overcame Their Beasts
Modular Assembly Innovations (MAI) and Kauffman Engineering both had areas in their enterprises that were chaos points until they discovered how to keep their cool with the help of 32 Soft’s Data Loader technology. Lori Braun’s team at Modular Assembly Innovations now manages the frequency of pricing changes from their automotive OEM like champs and David McCloskey’s group at Kauffman Engineering now deliver real-time order information that keeps their production floor on schedule.
Lori Braun, Modular Engineering presentation
David McCloskey, Kauffman Engineering presentation