Extension Workbench

Supplementary Data

Add Your Business-Specific Data Fields to QAD!
No Revamping, No Programming, No Changing QAD Structure.

Extension Workbench gives you the power to quickly and easily add fields to QAD for your business-specific data
— without revamping, progress programming or changing the QAD database structure. It allows you to define fields
in virtually any existing QAD table — plus you can add your own data tables unrelated to existing tables in QAD.

What makes Extension Workbench different from similar solutions is the ability to add data that is NOT related
to QAD tables such as contact databases, sales contracts, budgets, production metrics, KPIs, and more. And, you can
easily manage your supplementary data in convenient Excel spreadsheets.

•   Store all your business-specific supplementary data in QAD safely and easily
•   Ensure the integrity of your supplementary data — storing it in QAD means that
    everyone who needs access to the data has the most current information
•   Get more flexibility to add fields whenever you need to – without IT involvement!
•   Use your supplementary data as a reliable foundation for accurate reporting,
    process improvement and support for decision-making
•   Enjoy complete scalability — Your supplementary fields are automatically carried
    forward to future QAD versions

Get the tool you need to make your supplementary data an integral part of your QAD system.
Order Extension Workbench Data Loader today and enjoy immediate results.

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