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Manage OEM Part Numbers in QAD More Quickly & Easily Than Ever Before

We don’t have to tell you that setting up new parts manually in QAD is time-consuming and prone to errors. We also don’t have to tell you about the headaches and delays in order fulfillment that inaccurate part numbers cause.

32 Soft’s Item Copy Data Loader helps you set up new parts and manage changes to existing parts instantly, with a click of a button. You have the flexibility to adjust required parameters.

•   Quickly and easily create new and modify existing QAD item part numbers
•   Get real time access to QAD details – in easy to use Excel spreadsheets
•   Send revised data to QAD with a click of a button – without IT involvement!
•   Increase your productivity, reduce errors, and better your bottom line
•   The program automatically executes 8 QAD menus in the background:
    •   1.4.12 Item Master Copy
    •   1.4.17 Item-Site Planning Maintenance
    •   1.16 Customer Item Maintenance
    • Price List Maintenance
    • Production Line Maintenance
    •   13.5 Product Structure Maintenance
    •   14.13.1 Routing Maintenance
    •   7.3.13 Scheduled Order Maintenance

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