Replenishment Workbench


Manage QAD MRP Planning and Processing Quickly, Easily and Efficiently

Are you pulling your hair out trying to manage the ever-increasing changes to
purchasing forecasts and customer orders? Are there not enough hours in the day
to wade through and respond to the endless QAD MRP messages? Are you looking for
an easier way to manage your purchasing process using a system that is powerful,
yes, but built for yesterday?

With Replenishment Workbench, you can manage material purchases and forecasts quickly
and accurately in real time – and even have access to QAD reports and drill-down
inquiries. PLUS, all of your work is quickly, easily and accurately uploaded back
to QAD – without the need of IT staff!

•   Manage massive amounts of QAD MRP messages all at once — in convenient,
    easy to use Excel spreadsheets
•   Create purchase orders, change notices, cancellations and supplier
    schedules – automatically!
•   Drill down to see supplier master details, open orders, PO receipts,
    order quantity, usage, and more.
•   Email documents directly to your suppliers – automatically!
•   Just as automatically – and safely, easily and accurately
    — upload your data back to QAD

“I personally have saved hundreds of man hours with Replenishment Workbench. There is no longer a need to run multiple reports out of QAD — with a click of the mouse you can access the information and make a quick and easy buy decision. In addition, the Loader has made errors very easy to catch.” — Troy E. Taylor, Materials Manager
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