Importing Data to QAD: A CIM Load DIY Guide

Presented by Don Lindsey

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Questions from the webinar

What version of QAD is shown on Don’s 36.15 slides? Asking as I don’t see errors in pop-ups on 2016EE, I only see them in the output file.
How do you load more than 64,000 lines with a CIM Load?
Any insight into the long term viability of CIM functionality? It seems like QAD promotes QXtend.
Is CIM Load functional in SE-2012?
Have you found that you need to convert the file when moving to Linux from Windows? That is, you have to run dos2unix?
Can you talk a little about the pros and cons of doing data validation in the Excel file? i.e. “1/1 – C8” to ensure x(8) format in the first field for the first frame? The data validation I’m mentioning is set in the “CIM-data Info” row.
Do you run QAD in batch mode before you use CIM deletion loads?
Are there any licensing requirements for CIM200.xla or EXPORT-2-CIM?
Can you CIM Load into EE Financial tables?
Do I understand correctly that when defining the field, you can add a field type. Instead of 1/1 you can say 1/1-C to tell the CIM export program that the field is Character?
My understanding is that CIM does not abide by configurable screens setups; can you confirm?
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