High performance alternative to CIM Loads

Isn’t it painful when a large CIM load crashes?

It’s difficult to troubleshoot. And even when your IT staff does figure out what went wrong, it is often a data problem which they can’t fix themselves because they don’t “own” the data.

So, it’s back to the user to fix the data. Try the CIM load again. More data problems. It feels never-ending!

At the end of the day, you spend a lot of time and effort loading your company’s data to QAD.

This is the norm for many companies using QAD. They depend on IT to help QAD users manage volume business data by running CIM loads. While this option presents real efficiencies for the QAD user, the process creates a bottleneck in the IT Department as they become overloaded with requests. IT staff has to balance the CIM requests with production support issues and projects, resulting in additional time to schedule and allocate available resources.

Here’s a 3 step alternative action plan that turns you into a super hero!

1. Install our Data Loader — it only takes 30 minutes
2. Give it to QAD business users — it’s Excel-based so no training time
3. This problem is solved forever — and you are the super hero!

We have dozens of available Data Loaders for every major QAD data management module. Learn more about how Data Loaders can transform your data management process. Request trial by clicking the button on the top of the page and filling in the form. For a full list of available Data Loaders, click here.