Customer Schedules Webinar


Juggle Customer Schedules Like a Champ

        Customer Schedule Maintenance Made Easy

Questions from the webinar

How can you tell that you haven’t previously received an item?
Can you show on the spreadsheet the Prior CUM Required and Prior CUM Shipped columns?
Can you also download planning and required schedules with this Data Loader?
Does Bob’s company use CUM based or REQ based orders with the non-EDI customers?
What is the difference between the Import and Download buttons?
Regarding CUM Ordered, why is that not an editable field?
Making sure I understand active/inactive – entering an End Date that is earlier than today will set a line to Inactive, but zeroing out the quantities does not set it to Inactive, is that correct? And, if a new release comes in from that customer, that line should not reappear if there are no new required quantities coming in, correct?
How does Bob load the prior CUM from his customers?
With non-EDI orders, you often have to adjust the CUM Ordered because the customer does not give you their receipts. Can this field be editable?
For the data downloaded from QAD, what or where is the field “Cumulative” set?
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