More Easily Control Your Distribution Orders
Does your company have multiple distribution centers? Do you struggle with the efficient management of distribution orders? If so, you’ll want to watch this webinar demonstrating our new Distribution Order (DO) Workbench Data Loader. This powerful tool helps you manage distribution orders to multiple manufacturing facilities more efficiently, bring balance to supply and demand, and facilitate the timely transfer of the items between the sites. In doing so, it enables you to meet ever-changing customer needs while keeping inventory and costs down. In this webinar, Olena Stepovyk shows how DO Workbench can help you…

•   identify inter-site demands and quickly turn them into the Distribution Orders
•   modify and monitor the status of open Distribution Orders with ease
•   allocate and perform shipments of Distribution Orders at the supplying site
•   receive materials for shipped Distribution Orders at the receiving site, and more

Questions from the webinar

Can you go over the Data Loaders a bit more and how they work?