Book To Ship Report Webinar


Real-Time Book to Ship Information for Everyone Who Needs It
Make sure you’re performing to plan with empowered sales and operations teams! Use your QAD data to give everyone on your team access to up-to-the-minute information about how your company is delivering on its book to ship plan — in a visual diagram that is clear and easy for top managers to use and also delivers details to anyone on the team who needs to dig deeper. Your team will stay focused on plan fulfillment when they can see book to ship info 24/7 with online access – whether or not they are a QAD user!

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Questions from the webinar

Can you change the range of the ship/pull and other information that is in the right hand side of chart – the summary information. i.e. ship summary for 3 months rather than 1 year?
Does it use customer demand or net demand i.e. forecast and customer demand 22.1 in QAD for forecast netted from customer demand?
Where does the plan come from?
For history what is stored as the plan to enable show miss?
What defines BU1, for example. How does it know which sales go to which BU?


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