Work Order Closing Dashboard



Uncover and Eliminate Variances before closing Work Orders in QAD!

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Questions from the webinar

Can this tool be used in report only mode—without allowing work order closing?
What effect does this tool have if the field “Post variances at SFC” in 36.9.11 Work Order Accounting Control is set to “YES?”
Is this a finance function or production function?
We run 16.21 every night in batch. To use this tool, would we have to take that out of batch and have a planner or cost accountant process the work orders?
Can this be used to re-open work orders or can you reopen a work order with this function if you see that not all the components have been issued?
When you say it will be ready for trial, does that mean the Excel add-in will be available as demo?
Will this work with backflushing if there are changes in componeent quantities even though you don’t open/close a work order
Is this available for SE2008?


Unabridged Webinar Re-play


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