5 Ways to Crash your QAD Database

Good software is useless if your infrastructure is not performing well. While working with our clients, we see that some face issues related to QAD Infrastructure itself: QAD database, server issues, etc. Nectar Daloglou of OmegaServe provides excellent service to some of our customers and joins us for this webinar. Nectar knows that the best way to avoid disasters is to learn from mistakes — preferably someone else’s. Join us for an entertaining and informative session as Nectar tells horror stories of some of the most dangerous, and destructive things that he and other senior DBAs have encountered in the OpenEdge/QAD world. He’ll talk about …

  • Human error
  • User process kill
  • Excessive BI growth
  • Lock table overflow
  • Host name change


Questions from the webinar

Where can I download a free trial of ProTop?
You mentioned that -L overflow can use memory from -Mxs. Where can I find what my excess shared memory (-Mxs) parameter is set to?
Can you give some example blogs that help with best practices?