Masterful Production Planning

Manufacturers are in flux these days, and Production Planners are in the thick of it. Supply chain disruptions have hit hard. Businesses are employing strategies to mitigate the effect of these disruptions. They are increasing inventory levels and improving communications with customers and suppliers. They are adding warehouse space and scrambling to ensure proper management. They are distinguishing between demand- and forecast-driven manufacturing. They are extending planning horizons to identify required raw materials inventory and manufacturing resources ahead of time.

Production planners are the front-line workers dealing with these challenges day in and day out. They need to maintain a feasible production schedule and be able to respond quickly to the chaos around them every day.

We continually work with our customers to help them master their scheduling issues and challenges, such as helping to identify the source of demand to prioritize work orders or adding visibility to the inventory at distribution warehouses. In this webinar, Olena Stepovyk demonstrates how our Production Planner is even more of an essential tool for production schedulers in QAD. She’ll show you how you can better see available materials and resources and promptly and efficiently re-arrange the production.

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Questions from the webinar

Do you have a report showing how scheduled quantities compare with sales orders?
We use our own tool to prepare our production schedule and then create work orders in QAD. Can we use this tool to upload work orders into QAD?
Can you talk about how this uses run times, queue times? Sources for work center capacities? Does it utilize calendar functionality to calculate?
What does a typical project look like to implement this? I’m thinking, specifically, about the testing and training portion and how users take the tool capability to build a planning process.
Does this have graphing capabilities?
What advantages does Production Planner give over QAD MSW/PSW?