QAD Production Schedules Made Even Easier

Production Planner Plus Changes the Game for QAD Users!


You know how critical effective production planning and scheduling are to the productivity and efficiency of your business. Even as time-consuming as it can be, it is essential to keep the production line humming without the stops and starts poor planning can bring.

Our Production Planner Plus Data Loaders work with your QAD system to make managing your production schedules fast and easy!

How? They give you real-time access to QAD data and instant visibility of scheduled or work order quantities, available resources and planned demands — all in easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets.

Now they have visual schedule, calendar and capacity views that will really up your game!

With your production schedule in the visual graph format, you’ll see scheduling conflicts or resource shortages at a glance. You can reschedule projects to different days/times right in the graph and upload those changes to QAD. And, with calendar and capacity views, you’ll know right away about any potential problems with inventory, labor or capacity shortages!

With the graphical formats, you can quickly see the start time needed in order to meet due dates, the length of the run, the status of your production lines, how many workers are needed, and potential scheduling conflicts. You can also see where you can place additional orders in your schedule, build in production set up time, and more.

And, you can still drill down to see details of the order which are stored in QAD and check MRP messages and the inventory report from the graphical views as well.

If you already use our Production Planners, the graphical views are available as an add-on. If you’re not using our Production Planners, what are you waiting for? Click here for more information, to schedule a demonstration or order a free, no-obligation 60-day trial.