Using SAF codes in QAD for more robust reporting

A chart of accounts (COA) lists all the financial accounts in a company’s general ledger (GL) that correspond to the structure of a company’s financial statements. To define the chart of accounts, QAD uses data from the general ledger account, sub-account, cost center, and project code.

QAD also provides supplementary analysis fields (SAFs), which can be used for additional analytical reporting on the company’s transactions. SAF analysis allows you to create detailed views of data to analyze a single account in many different ways. It can also give you in-depth reporting without setting up separate COA elements.

In this webinar, Don will dive into the basics of GL, Sub-Account, Cost Center, and Project functionality in QAD, explain how to set up SAF codes, and ways to use these codes to report financial activity.

Join our Webinar on Wed, May 17, 2023 1:00pm EDT

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