A Purchasing Portal for Every ERP—Even No ERP!

Slow Approval Times?
Purchasing Bottlenecks?
Higher Costs?
Frustrated Employees?

Do you have any of these purchasing process predicaments? If you do, it can negatively impact your customers and your bottom line.  Experts say that these practices are what you need for a nimble and efficient requisition process.

  • Electronic purchasing system with automated approval routing.
  • Ability to add supporting documentation.
  • Accessible requisition information – anytime and anywhere – that includes all the necessary information that is needed by approvers.
  • An approval hierarchy based on dollar amounts, projects, GL accounts, and/or budgets.
  • Approval workflows that are easy to maintain.
  • Email alerts and reminders to encourage timely action.
  • Ability to assign alternate approvers when the primary approver is unavailable.

Requisition Plus has all that plus more! It will keep your Requisition Process moving like a well-oiled machine.

Our Requisition Plus is a flexible portal that can work with any ERP system — or even if you have no ERP system. It is customizable to fit your purchasing process and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Requisition Plus is easy to implement and easy to use. It is installed quickly, and your team can use it without a long learning curve. Here are all the things your team can do with Requisition Plus:

  • Create requisitions electronically – even attach supporting documentation.
  • Track and reconcile pre-approved purchases easily with attached quotes, requisitions, and receipts.
  • View requisitions and check the approval status.
  • Get real-time status updates for approved and unapproved requisitions.
  • Route approvals and notifications automatically through an automated, integrated email system.
  • View all supporting documentation, including approval comments.
  • Convert requisitions to purchase orders automatically.
  • Match quotes, purchase orders, and invoices easily to speed up the payment cycle.
  • Be assured of the security of all data and access criteria.
  • An approval hierarchy that gives you flexibility.
  • and more.

Find out more about Requisition Plus here.

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