How to Speed Up Your Requisition Cycle



32 Soft’s Requisition portal – now called Requisition Plus – has been updated with new graphics and features to allow for greater usability! An independent stand-alone system, Requisition Plus is designed so even non-QAD users can approve and route purchase requests. It has a feature which allows buyers to create purchase orders right from their smartphone! And, it uses a CIM interface to integrate with QAD to ensure data integrity.

In this 20-minute interactive webinar, we show you the system’s new enhancements as well as the functionality that our Requisition portal has always used to make managing your purchasing process in QAD easy and accessible.

Questions from the webinar

Where is the data stored?
Can the request be setup without knowing the supplier or the accounts? For example, someone in maintenance needs a wrench and enters a request for a wrench then the next person updates additional information.
Is the questionnaire optional?
What if supplier is not in QAD?
Does the setup data have to be entered in QAD, or can it be entered to the Excel spreadsheet and then uploaded?
Can you create open ended questions for the questionnaire, where it’s not just a yes or no, but where they can type a response?
Do the people who make the initial requisition request have to be users or have an account in QAD?
Can freight terms be specified on the requisitions?
Do the comments print on the PO coming from QAD?
Are there comments that do NOT show up on the PO?
I did not see where an FOB point could be entered, which will eventually be needed to create a PO?
What if requestor and recipient are different?
If this is running on a server within in my enterprise and I have QAD in the cloud, everything will work without issues?
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