What’s in Development at 32 Soft

Our developers have been hard at work on new and improved Data Loaders and Web Applications.

We are constantly further improving and expanding existing Data Loaders functionality in response to customers’ feedback and new business process challenges. Here are some of the exciting new tools we have for you.

Web Backlog Stand-Alone or for use with any ERP

We have launched the Web Backlog Application for a customer who runs on the Oracle ERP system. This means we can offer the Backlog functionality to customers running any ERP system or those who run their business on Excel spreadsheets or don’t have any ERP.

New Data Loaders

  • Intrastat Item Data Maintenance Data Loader helps EU QAD users more easily manage data analysis and reporting.
  • Inter-Site Request Maintenance Data Loader makes managing off-site manufacturing and supply chain a breeze.
  • Service Contract Data Loader helps companies that maintain large volumes of contracts. The tool makes it easier and faster to manage and track contracts.
  • Supplier Invoice Maintenance for EE Data Loader lets you quickly enter supplier documents into the system without generating postings. Supplier documents are visible when they enter the accounts department, preventing invoices from getting lost in the shuffle.

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For more information on these new offerings, contact us.