Requisition Plus Webinar

A Sneak Peek at our New and Improved Requisition Plus Portal

Questions from the webinar

How do you set up approval levels and approvers?
When adding an item to a request, how are the items validated if you don’t need a QAD login?
Can a requester also be the buyer issuing the PO in the system?
Why does the requester have to know the name of the supplier from the beginning? Wouldn’t the supplier be selected during the purchasing process by the buyer?
Where is all the data stored for Requisition Plus?
Currently in QAD, users with an approval limit above the requisition amount must route the requisition to themselves for approval. Is that still necessary in this software?
We must have GL account and cost center information for each line item. I only saw account choice in the demo?
Often, requisition information needs to be changed or corrected before generating the PO. Is this possible? (Ex: incorrect account numbers or the item description doesn’t contain vendor PN)
Do you support alternate or proxy approvers?
If the item requested is an inventory item, will it pull the pricing from the supplier item?
Is this compatible with QAD EE?
Can the buyer change the supplier on the requisition?
How do we learn the cost of the product?
If a user’s approval limit is above their requisition amount, is it automatically approved or is it required to be approved by someone else?
Are GL Accounts on the line level configurable or they are assigned automatically?
Can you set up approvers based on both cost center and account codes?
If requester is not in QAD, how can you trace back to the actual user’s name
Can the requisition be checked against the budget when routed?
If memory serves me correctly, users can create requisitions in GRS without having a supplier code. Is this possible with Requisition Plus?
We currently use horizontal approver settings in QAD. Would these still work in Requisition Plus?
Can the approver edit the account number entered by the requester?
Does Requisition Plus work with MRP and planned orders?
Can you consolidate requisitions into a single PO?
Can you explain how the approval levels work?
If the users have a QAD login, do they use that login and password or is an additional login and password necessary?
Can approvers make changes to requisition or only approve/deny/return?
If the requester is not in QAD, how can you trace back to the actual user’s name
How many users do you have using Requisition Plus?
Does it work with .NET?
Does the buyer have the ability to attach the quotations on the system, for further revision by internal and external auditors of the process?
For receiving purposes, a PO must show who the requester is (currently done via comments in QAD). Can this be automated?
Can you confirm that requesters and/or approvers do not have a QAD login?
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