Product Structure and Routing Webinar

How To Maintain Perfect Production Data Without Resources

Questions from the webinar

Do you still have to deal with removing the WIP before applying updates to Routings, especially if removing a step and production is still occurring?
How would we use this tool if we are planning to use the PCC module?
Are you able to create new items on the fly or does the Data Loader only work for existing item numbers?
Do these Loaders work on all versions of QAD, including SE and EE?
Is the same Loader used for both SE & EE?
Can you add fields from other tables?
Do you have a Loader for Work Center calendars?
We have custom fields and validation logic in our item master maintenance. Can we still use your Data Loaders to massively update or create new records?
Can Data Loaders be used in QAD cloud environment?
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